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Mackinac Race Is Over

the 96th Bayview Mackinac Race concluded late Tuesday night when Inconseavable, a yacht out of Ann Arbor, crossed the finish line at 11:40 PM needing 83 hours, 10 minutes, and 21 seconds to complete the trek from

Mackinac Update

Over 60 yachts have now complete the 96th Bayview Mackinac Race, leaving around 20 still making their ways to the island.  Heartbreaker was first to finish on Sunday and is the overall leader, while 4 Port Huron

Major Detail!

The first Port Huron Yacht Club boat to finish the 96th Bayview Mackinac Race is Major Detail owned by Bill Vogan.  The yacht crossed the finish line in first place in Class E at 7:58 AM on

Correcting A Correction

The first boats have finished the 96th Bayview Mackinac Race, but not without some brief confusion on who got there fist this year.  Heartbreaker was initially reported as the first finisher at 5:45:56 PM on Sunday, but

Race Update And Correction!

As of 1 AM Monday morning nine yachts had finished the Bayview Mackinac Race, two yachts completed the event before noon on Sunday, however, their finish times were not posted until later Sunday evening.  The first boat

First Boats Finish

The first three boats have finished the Bayview Mackinac Race early Sunday evening, with the prospects of a busy night and overnight at the finish line on Mackinac Island.  Heartbreak was the first to the finish line

Mackinac Update Noon Sunday

About a dozen boats have dropped out, leaving 91 still racing toward Mackinac Island in the 96th Bayview Mackinac Yacht Race.  Most of the boats have crossed or are crossing Saginaw Bay.  Some of the larger competitors

Mackinac Race Update

The 96th Bayview Mackinac Race began on Saturday without a hitch.  Around 100 yachts are racing in the event this year.  Winds appear to have been light overnight, but may be picking up again as off 6