City adopts budget, new trash fees


Port Huron City Council has approved a new $132 million fiscal year budget, including an additional $285 per-property fee for trash, recycling, and yard waste removal. Port Huron City Manager James Freed tells WPHM that although the city has executed a new five-year agreement with Emterra Environmental, discussions will continue to take place about how to solve the city’s trash problem in a more economical way.

“With one year notice we can sever a contract with any of our vendors,” said Freed. “We could use our opt-out clause if we find a more cost effective alternative.”

Meantime, city residents can expect to see a $142.50 fee added onto their summer and winter tax bills starting in July. It will take the place of a 3-mill property tax and $25 recycling fee. The city budget also includes over $21 million for road improvements. A portion of that funding will come from the city’s five-year capital improvement program, which prioritizes which streets get fixed first.

“An independent third party PASER evaluation is used,” said Freed. “The worst roads get done first, it’s not political, it’s done by data.”

Some of those streets first up for repairs include Holland between Gratiot and Pine Grove, 7th from Water to Wall Street, and several streets south of Court Street and between 7th and and 10th. The city’s Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) can be viewed at