East China moving forward with bond proposal


Voters in the East China School District will be asked whether or not to approve a $148 million bond proposal that would call for a new combined building to take the place of St. Clair and Marine City’s middle and high schools. The proposed new school would be built at East China School’s Meisner Road administration, performing arts, and athletic complex. Superintendent Suzanne Cybulla,  speaking to WPHM’s Paul Miller, says the district cannot afford to continue to operate two separate middle schools and high schools that are under utilized. “The district has to consolidate,” said Cybulla. “Whether the bond passes or it doesn’t, our declining enrollment is drastic, and we need to address that.” Cybulla adds that all district buildings and students, from Pre-K to 12th grade, will benefit under the proposal. If passed, the bond would would raise property taxes on average $7 a month on a home worth $100,000. Cybulla adds that the East China School District has lost approximately 1,000 students since 2000.

Full interview of Superintendent Cybulla with Paul Miller: