Opening of St. Clair Inn nears


The iconic St. Clair Inn could host it’s first guests in just a matter of months. Rick Barreca, partner in the St. Clair Inn project with California Developer Jeff Katofsky, says representatives from Marriott toured the property this week and have set a tentative opening date of September 19th of this year. The St. Clair Inn is expected to be a part of Marriott’s Tribute portfolio of hotels. Barreca says the St. Clair Inn project, which was expected to open in the spring of this year, has taken some twists and turns but they have stayed true to their original vision. “We knew it would be challenging,” said Barrecca. “Every time you uncover something, every time you take a left, you find something that then makes you take a right and go a different direction.” The St. Clair Inn was purchased by Katofsky and Barreca’s group in 2016. It is expected to feature 109 rooms as well as three guest cottages, a ballroom, restaurant, and speak-easy style pub.

July 26 Rick Barreca